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Sacred Stone Readings

Is there something you would like to know?  Sacred Stone Readings may reveal those answers!

An ancient form of divination, Sacred Stone Readings are similar to Tarot readings in that they have been used for thousands of years to address an issue or question, and determine how the momentum can shift and a new outcome is possible.

How I Started Reading Stones...

I thought I wanted to read Tarot Cards, but the meanings of the cards eluded me.  I took a class, did as instructed and placed a card in my bra for a week as if I would understand the meaning by osmosis.  The end of the week the only result was an imprint of the Joker on my breast!

"Ask and you shall receive" – a law of the universe. Viola!  My friend Mona showed up at ladies group with ten stones and showed us how to do a Stone Reading.  My heart sang -  this is what I had been asking for.  Mona gifted me with a set of 10 stones in 1987.

So, I started doing Sacred Stone Readings.  Invariably the people I was doing a Reading for would gift me with a rock.  Immediately I would know what the meaning was and add it to my bag for their reading.  Over the years of additions, I am now up to 48 stones in my bag.

For your Reading I will hand you the 48 stones and ask you to hold them at a certain height and let them drop.  I then read the stones based on where they land.  The readings are fun and enlightening all at the same time.


Each Reading takes about an hour, so please gift yourself this time without distractions.  As always come with an open heart and mind to receive your messages from Spirit. 

Sacred Stone Readings are $60/hour.  To book your Sacred Stone Reading, simply click on the button below.

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