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Past Life Reviews

Lessons learned in our past lifetimes can become part of who we are today. Is recognizing those lessons the key to healing?  Let's find out!


With a Past Life Review, we will explore some of these lessons that are relative to this lifetime and determine whether or not you have brought them forward to the present time.  Some lessons you will want to keep, others we will release to the past.  In this manner you will let go of patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Together we will use a hypnosis technique to tap into your subconscious.  In every lifetime we have lessons to learn for your spiritual growth.  This is the focus of the Reviews, not whether you were Cleopatra or Alexander the Great! 

Please come with an open heart and mind ready for an incredible leap in your spiritual growth.   In order for you to receive the ultimate benefit from your Past Life Review I choose to take my time.  Plan on being with me approximately 2 hours.  The initial appointment may take a little longer, so please give yourself the gift of this time without distractions.

Past Life Reviews are $120 for a 2-hour session.  To book your session please click on the button below.

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